Toyota Auris Hybrid Auto 2010

Toyota Auris Hybrid Auto 2010: The all-new, British-built Auris Hybrid will arrive at Toyota’s UK dealerships in the beginning of July with prices starting from £18,950 on-the-road for the basic T4 and from £20,700 for the better equipped T Spirit model.

The pricing for the hybrid variant of the Auris hatchback is surprisingly close to Toyota’s dedicated Prius Hybrid which ranges from £19,505 to £22,610 and far more expensive than the Honda Insight that starts from £16,235.

The Auris Hybrid makes use of the same powertrain found in the Prius combining 1.8-liter petrol engine and an electric motor for a total output of 134-horsepower. It completes the nought to 62mph (100km/h) acceleration in 11.4 seconds and tops out at 112mph or 180km/h.

When fitted with 15-inch wheels, combined cycle fuel economy is 74.3 mpg UK (3.8lt/100km or 61.8 mpg US) and CO2 emissions are 89 g/km; with the 17-inch wheel option it returns 70.6 mpg UK ( 4.0lt/100km or 58.8 mpg US) and 93 g/km of CO2.

Toyota Auris Hybrid Auto 2010
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